Mobile version

How the layout works

The Mobile version of this website is minimalized. To get to the categories and search and everything like that you just need to scroll down past the home page, or past anything else on any other page.

Public chat room

How to find it

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page. You might see a green line with a smiley face. Keep scrolling down and hitting the bottom and it might pop up. If it doesn’t, go to another page or menu and scroll down and it will be there.


You’ll see a bar that says channel, which is the chat name. Just enter shoujoaichat and it will take you there. After that that just need to sign up with a name, Twitter, or Facebook.



What to do if what your looking for doesn’t show up.

First, check the info page and make sure we have that fandom or content. If we do and it doesn’t pop up when you reach it, try making certain words starting with a capital letter or with no capital letter. The title you search might not be in the keywords and won’t indicate it to show up. So try different tittles.

For example:

If Louise x Jessica doesn’t show up

Try louise x jessica. Or other combinations. But most of the time any title you search will come up.

(Louise x Jessica does in fact show up. This is just and example).


Random art, screenshots, and photos gallery

This section is only visible on the home page. All of the photos take up space and would be a nusen

If you have any other problems of questions, just go to the contact page and tell me about it.