Her Pet

Her Pet is a very cute, very weird manga about a girl named Gayoon, who falls in love with Soha, a girl who saved her from bullies in the past. She befriends Soha again in highschool, and finds out about how sad Soha is about her prior missing dog. So Gayoon takes on the responsibility to…become Soha’s dog?? I swear it makes more sense when you actually read it. It’s adorable, absolutely halarious, angsty, and pretty kinky;)

!!warning!! This manga contains lewd scenes!! There is no nudity or referenced sex, but there are lewd depictions and referenced kinks/fetishes!! It also contains graphic violence, bullying, blood, cursing, and electrecution!! This manga may contain trigger warnings, and may not be suitable for all audiences!!! Veiwer discretion is advised!!!

read it on Mangarock!

Keywords: her pet gayoon x soha

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