Todo No Tsumari No Uchouten

This is a short but cute manga about a girl named Yamada Mikoto a lonely girl with no friends who has a Miko club, which student council secretary Nekozaki Ren joins so she can be alone with Mikoto and get closer to her, but theres a problem,,, actually four of them. Four new people join, all with there own weird clubs that didn’t have enough members to stand alone. Nekozaki just wants to be alone with Mikoto again.

Fun fact: This manga was made by Arata Iri, the creator of Sougou Tovarisch!

read it!

Keywords: todo no tsumari no uchouten Todo no tsumari no uchouten nekozaki ren x yamada mikoto Nekozaki Ren x Yamada Mikoto arata iri

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